Join our pirate crew and embark upon a hunt for treasure off the coast of Hilton Head!


You'll get your share of the loot, but it won't be easy if Smelly Sam has something to say about it.
You'll need to man the high pressure water cannons and defeat that evil pirate in order to declare victory!

Perfect for ages 3-10 and a treat for the whole family.

High pressure water cannons

High pressure water cannons

The infamous Smelly Sam is Hilton Heads most favorite pirate and also our nemesis. He's always looking to get the treasure for himself and he hates to share. As crew of the Black Sparrow, it's your job to defeat him, but don't worry, we're the only pirate ship plying these waters equipped with high pressure water cannons! 

Custom Pirate Ship

Custom Pirate Ship

Our ship the "Black Sparrow" was constructed specifically for our kids pirate cruise with safety as our number one priority and everything else a close second. The railings were designed so even the shortest pirate gets a great view, there's a handhold to grab no matter how tall or short you are. And we carry almost double the required lifejackets to make sure even the littlest pirates are safe!

Everyone gets a share!

Everyone gets a share!

 The whole point of being a pirate is enjoying the ride and coming home with the loot. It all starts the moment you arrive with face-painting, a pirate tattoo, some pirate garb and learning to talk like a pirate. But that's just the start! Once we defeat Smelly Sam we always find the treasure, there's gold coins, jewels and always some surprises!

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things ye need to know

Thar be no rules aboard the pirate ship, however thar be some regulations...

Adults $30 Kids 2-12 $30 Under 2 ride free but still need a ticket. The Coast Gaurd determines how many people a pirate ship can hold and they don't care about the scallywags age! 

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your cruise departure time. Within 24 hours we do not accept cancellations, no exceptions. We apologize for such a strict policy as we know unexpected things always pop up with children. Just like a concert or a show, those seats have been held for you and we cannot refill them without adequate notice. 

The captain may decide to cancel at any time due to weather or other concerns. In the event we cancel a trip we will do our best to reschedule you at your convenience or if you prefer we will refund your ticket. 

There's no restrooms on a pirate ship, but there are bathrooms at the dock. Make sure to go before you come. 

That's an order! Seriously, there's usually parking close by, but it can get crowded. Show up late and your little pirate might not have time for tattoos or face paint, and let's face it, what little pirate wants to be caught out at sea with no face paint. 

Thar needs to be at least one "responsible" person on board with each group, no exceptions.  


More 5 star reviews than any other attraction!

Rated #1 attraction on Hilton Head 3 years in a row by TripAdvisor members!!

A great 2 hour experience to engage the grandchildren ! Clearly the best treat for this age group on the Island... action, action and more action on the water and very attentive staff and crew will make this the highlight of the trip to Hilton Head for the children...soak stinky Pete...Makes ‘em feel like real pirates...The kids will want to go everyday...Most young ones would rather do this than ride a horse or look at Dolphins...You can’t go wrong on this experience..
— trip advisor
My son, 61/2 had the best time; the team did a great job... All the kids felt part of the crew and each had a chance to spray water at Stinky Pete! My son has been talking about our adventure and drinking grog since last week! Well worth the money!
— trip advisor
We loved this adventure and the kids wanted to go over and over again, recommend it to all! The little kids were the most fun to watch and their faces were just great!
— trip advisor
As first time pirates aboard the Black Dagger with our 3 year old, we couldn’t have been more impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff; Squirt, Capt. Bones & Stinky Pete! The excursion surpassed all expectations. Parents and kids alike all enjoyed the treasure hunt!
— trip advisor
This is for the kid and the kid-at-heart. What a fun adventure ! The professional (and seriously funny) staff gets everyone involved - from kids to parents, for a super unique adventure. Our 5 year old thought is was super cool, and our 9 year old even rocked a pirate mustache and was proud as pie to wear it the rest of the day ! Extremely well done, would do it again in a heatbeat - and HIGHLY recommended to all.AAARGH........
— trip advisor
Recently my wife and I vacationed on Hilton Head and were looking for things to occupy our 3 children (Girl 5, Boys 7 and 9 years). Our reservation was that this might be too little-kid-ish for the older boy, but we were very wrong. A few minutes after arriving at the dock our oldest was joining right in with the “crew” and participating in all the activities. The “Pirates” are fantastic with the kids and know just how to keep them in-line but happy and having fun. My wife is an educator and she was impressed with how they kept the kids engaged. I recommend this for all kids up to 10 years old.
— trip advisor

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